Cash Booth Money Machine Prize Vault Boston

Want to elevate your event to the next level?  Craig Sutton Entertainment presents The Money Machine & Prize Vault!  It’s sooooooo much fun!  Who doesn’t want to win stuff???

Here’s what  you get:

  • Our Money Machine & Prize Vault, all equipment and supplies
  • Our Event Assistant/Booth operator to deliver, setup, interact with & help the participants,  monitor the booth, then breakdown
  • A combination of our creative ideas, consulting and advice

As you can see in our photos: Our portable booth is an attractive centerpiece that can be setup by our event assistants anywhere and in any location.

Unlike the OLD & HEAVY Hard-case style of booth which requires a team of movers, heavy duty dollies, a freight elevator and a lot of maneuver room – along with ample time to move it and get in place….

Our vinyl-sided booth is:

  • highly-portable and fits into any elevator
  • easily-moved and put into place
  • easy to step into and vented at the top for breathability
  • easy to see in & out-of, which gives both participants and watchers a great view on all sides
  • Upscale & attractive with an aluminum metal finish all-around

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Who Uses Money Machines?

Most frequently, ENE services client’s needs to rent the Cash Cyclone booth for trade show booths, conventions and expos, annual company outings and events, corporate employee incentive experiences, charity fundraisers, charitable galas, school district fundraisers, Las Vegas style casino nights (something ENE also provides); private, social events such as Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs; and even ski and other seasonal resorts.

Formerly known as money blowing machines, they’re most often seen on TV game shows.  For years, they’ve been incredibly popular as a PR and event marketing technique.  It’s eye-catching, it’s an attraction and it’s an incredible promotional technique.

POPULAR: car dealerships, banks, retail stores, event marketing companies, customer  incentives, employee incentives, trade shows, exhibitions, you name it!

Having a Cash Booth Money Machine Prize Vault at your trade show booth or event serves as a powerful people magnet. As participants step in and grab lots of whirling bills or prize vouchers, your business or cause is grabbing lots of attention.

How Are Money Blowing Machines Utilized During an Event?

ENE’s Cash Booth Money Machine Prize Vault Boston rental can be used to circulate real paper currency, vouchers, certificates, or any paper product that fits into your company or event’s marketing strategy.

Ultimately, the specifics of the money blowing machine experience is up to the client.

ENE often works with clients to determine the details of the experience, including:

  • Who gets to play
  • What / how much can be won
  • Time allowed in the booth for each player
  • Number of bills / vouchers, and denominations / values

Vouchers collected can serve to represent tangible non-cash prize awards, opportunities to win non-cash prizes, or of course, a real cash value. Players could also be competing to collect as much value as possible, simply to be further eligible for a completely separate opportunity or contest, or a future chance inside the Cash Cyclone booth (think: an advancing bracket system).

The Cash Machine can be utilized by players in various ways:

  • To collect highest actual dollar value
  • To match certain unique coupons, in order to win a certain prize
  • To find limited individual vouchers, in order to win specific prizes

ENE is very experienced and can offer you guidance, recommendations, suggestions, and ideas to make your next corporate event, employee incentive program, fundraiser, or marketing experience a successful one using the Cash Booth and/or other ENE entertainers and concepts.

Cash Booth Options Available

ENE’s basic rental experience, starting at $995, includes:

  • Cash Cyclone Booth itself
  • LED Scrolling Message Board, running a custom message specified by the client, in one of several available color options, or in a multicolored mode
  • Friendly booth attendant
  • Custom designed paper bills or vouchers
  • Travel, setup, and breakdown time considerations

Service upgrade options include:

  • Curtained backdrop (shown in video)
  • Uplighting of the booth area (shown in video)
  • Professional DJ/Emcee, music and sound system to hype the booth
  • Other atmospheric and musical enhancements

Where Are Cash Vaults Available?

Entertain New England regularly services clients with its Cash Cube event rental services, of course, across all of Massachusetts, Cape Cod and The Islands, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Maine. Wherever the client needs whether the Greater Boston area, Providence, RI, Portsmouth, NH, on Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard, we have you covered!

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