Karaoke – DJ or Live Band

If you have ever experienced karaoke in or around Boston, Massachusetts, or anywhere else for that matter, you have probably had one of the more fun experiences of your life. Whether you are using karaoke as a stand-alone event attraction, or you utilize it as an add-on feature for a company event or private celebration, you certainly won’t be disappointed – and your guests will be nagging you to throw another event.

We bring along a karaoke collection of more than 20,000 songs, including even current artists and song selections. All guests at your event with the guts to step up and sing will be sure to find something that fits their style.

Be it via DJ, or live band, karaoke will create that fun, loose atmosphere that you’re looking for. (Our live band covers more than 400 tracks spanning every decade and genre.)

When Warner Bros. decided to host a last-minute wrap party for the cast and crew of one of the studio’s latest films shot in Massachusetts (The Judge starring Robert Downey, Jr. and Robert Duvall), and throw the bash on board a luxury ocean liner in Boston Harbor, and treat their guests to an opportunity to belt out karaoke, who did they call? They called ENE. And ENE sent in personality-extraordinaire DJ Dan Staples, a permanent, joyous fixture on the ENE roster, to rock the boat. Well, not rock the boat; it was certainly smooth sailing. Actually, the boat didn’t have sails… Hey, you get our drift.

Party guests can browse through our song books, organized by either song title or artist, until they find something just right for them and sign up to sing. In between karaoke sets, we play upbeat music the crowd will enjoy to fill the short voids or to run a quick dance set, whatever you’d like. The standard karaoke package comes with a flat-panel LED monitor on either a tall or floor stand, a pair of wired microphones for group performances, song books, song request slips, pens, and of course, the engaging emceeing and introductions of your singers by your DJ.  We also can offer available a large 10-foot projection screen as an upgrade service, so that your entire room can pitch in on the performances.

We’ve provided karaoke services to hundreds of clients over the years, including to dozens of well-known companies and institutions, many of which are listed on our Clients page, for team-building experiences, as highlight performances during sales or awards dinners, and for use in entertaining foreign clients. We’ve performed in popular venues throughout Downtown Boston and beyond, as well as at several companies’ headquarters.

Drop us a line now to discuss which song you’re planning on belting out at your next event.