Team Development Programs

Organizational Development, Employee Engagement, and Team Building

We excel at providing vibrant, engaging experiences for a company’s most valuable resource: its employees. A business is nothing without an engaged, enlightened, empowered and energetic workforce.

The team at Entertain New England has years of experience exercising staffs’ minds in one enjoyable way or another, in years of corporate entertainment in the Greater Boston area. Boston’s premier for-profit corporations and non-profit organizations seek out ENE to provide event experiences that will bolster organizational development, foster employee engagement, balance corporate missions and goals with fun, and reward employees with a memorable experience.

We discuss, design, produce, and execute the most engaging programs for employees, management, and leadership boards. Organizations excel when operational staff, top management, boards of directors, and volunteers — everyone! — are enjoying themselves.

ENE has partnered with and is trusted by Human Resources managers, executive assistants to CEOs and COOs, sales managers, and not-for-profit organizational leaders, to motivate and entertain their teams, to renew energy levels and set the spark in igniting the next wave of organizational effort.

From structured programming with the goal of strengthening OD, to more relaxed concepts that will help team members learn more about each other, laugh, and love their organization. From Shake-Up & Wake-Up™ programming to get a day of team or strategic development off on the right foot, to midday Stretch Over The Hump™ exercises, to casual and fun end-of-day Unwind Your Mind™ concepts. From hands-on mental or physical challenges, to improvisational activities and techniques, to full blown team competition style concepts of all shapes and sizes. From concepts for conservative groups, to nontraditional, edgy experiments. Together, we’ll find what is just right for you and your group.

Entertain New England can also line up any number of nationally and internationally featured variety act and musical performers, to create a wildly entertaining atmosphere for your seminar, workshop, retreat, convention, trade show, or conference. Need something more encompassing? We have several ready-to-go themed event concepts, but also build out custom event themes for organizations with more ambitious mindsets (and budgets).

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